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Riara University’s School of International Relations and Diplomacy Holds First Diplomatic Clinic

Rationale:“In the contemporary diplomatic practice, the role of ‘Personality’ in shaping diplomatic practice andforeign policy praxis remains mundane. On 21st September 2023, we were honoured to have the Amb Dr.) Amina Mohamed, Former Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Kenya as the chief guest, along with an esteemed lineup of distinguished guests and diplomats, who […]


What do we study?

In our Conflictology group/lab, we are interested in studying closeness centrality between individuals, groups, or states and how this process leads to the evolution of conflict and/or resolution thereof. We believe conflict evolves through salient structures such as markets and pastoral transhumance spaces. We therefore, study space and networks in intertribal border markets as factories […]


Transhumance Pastoralism Conflict Study

One of the most basic characteristics of conflict is its ability to change as the macro-environment changes. In my lab, we are interested to decipher the structural and systemic mechanisms responsible for long term changes in pastoral transhumance. These changes can give us insight on the capacity of pastoral communities to change, adapt or maladapt [...]

Intertribal Border Market Study

The intertribal border markets- to mean both tangible and intangible expression to principles of social structure binding communities to a holistic system through human relations in time and space. We consider a ‘market’ to represent both spatial space and a set of norms, institutions and value system upon which individuals, groups or states transact conflict […]


International Relations and Diplomacy Students Celebrate the Chinese New Year at China Town

Chinese New Year, popularly known as Spring Festival is considered the world’s biggest annual migration. Chinese people travel from the cities to their rural homes,


A Call for Expression of Interest to Participate in the ASA Project 2022/2023

Riara University and Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science in Kleve, Germany with…


HSRC’s Senior Research Scientist pays courtesy call to Riara University’s Vice Chancellor

One of the leading African researchers, Dr. Shingirirai Mutanga from the Human Science