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Global and Language Studies Centre (GLASC)

Domiciled in the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, the Global and Language Studies Centre (GLASC), is a one-stop shop for all matters related to language acquisition, fluency and competence as well as short courses on a wide range of global issues. GLASC is a robust platform for acquiring crucial language and communication skills that […]

Certificate in Corporate Diplomacy

Why should you learn about Corporate Diplomacy? The internationalisation of education and the work environment is increasingly becoming complex. This complex environment calls for appropriate intercultural adaptation and appreciation by professionals. Intercultural adaptation has been found to increase organisational productivity by fostering: • Peaceful co-existence • Meaningful social networks • Spirit of camaraderie • Self-motivation […]

Diploma in International Relations and diplomacy

Why get a diploma in International Relations and diplomacy? • You will be equipped with basic knowledge to enroll for a degree program. • You will showcase your competence in diplomatic practice. • Assurance of your client that you can handle emerging challenges in all the dimensions of the international system and diplomacy. • You […]

Bachelors in International Relations & Diplomacy

The School of International Relations and Diplomacy is one of the most vibrant, fast-growing and with alluring academic and professional programmes in East and Central Africa. The School’s exemplary and cutting-edge teaching, research and partnership has attracted students and faculty from across the globe. It is essentially a microcosm of the diplomatic community dedicated to academic […]