THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY: IBM Public Lecture at Riara University

Dr. Kamal Bhattacharya, Director, IBM Research- Africa, will present a public lecture on ‘The Future of Technology’ at Riara University on Wednesday, 27th February, 2013 from 2.00pm- 4.00pm. This will be an interactive session that will cover the exploration of Technological Solutions to social problems and unearth the role of innovation in laying the foundations for a smarter planet and how the latest advances in technology have the potential to transform business and society.

Dr. Bhattacharya leads research teams in the area of IT Service Management, Cloud Computing and IT Optimization with a focus on IT outsourcing and service delivery in Africa.

Limited places are available for leaders in business, government and academia among others.


Riara University

Wednesday, 27th February, 2013

2.00pm -4.00pm


For more information contact

Sarah Kahaisha

Tel.: 0703 038 000