Mr. George Maangi

Mr. George Maangi

adjunct lecturer


George Moywaywa Maangi is an adjunct lecturer at the Department of International Relations & Diplomacy, Riara University. He holds a Master of Arts in Diplomacy degree from the Institute of Diplomacy & International Studies, University of Nairobi. He is also a graduate teacher from the same university. He also has an 8 years high school teaching experience in Literature, History and Global Citizenship.

Mr. Maangi is currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in International Studies at the Institute of Diplomacy & International Studies (IDIS), University of Nairobi due for completion in 2022.  Mr. Maangi is passionate on issues related to diplomatic discourse, Global Security, Regional Integration with particular attention to the East African Community and the European Union as well as Human Security and Environment-related issues especially Climate Change. For co-curricular activities Mr Maangi writes opinion articles for publication in the weekend editions of the Standard Newspaper whereby he gives opinion on trending international issues. He also runs GMurgor Consultants, a private firm that involves itself in International Relations and Diplomacy issues. Mr. Maangi is currently working on two academic research projects titled: Nationalism, Sovereignty and Extremism: The Insurmountable Threats to Globalization and The Threats of Climate Change Adaptation Measures on the Well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

When not working on academic pursuits, Mr. Maangi spends time on travelling for adventure, learning French and Spanish as well as engaging in international issues-based debates.