About Us

Conflict Observatory & Prediction (COP) Group/Lab conducts scientific research in conflictological studies; the causes, and their occurrence, mechanisms, forecasting of conflict & wars, polemology (war studies), modeling of conflict and resolution scenarios, and patterns of conflict development/evolution.

We study both international and non-international conflicts (NIAC). Our lab comprises scholars, researchers, scientists, political scientists, and international relations researchers committed to addressing the challenges of conflict using distinct methodological approaches to analytical performance (quantitative) and integrative qualitative analytics.

What We Study?

In our Conflictology group/lab, we are interested in studying closeness centrality between individuals, groups or states and how this process leads to evolution of conflict and/or resolution thereof. We believe conflict evolves through salient structures such as markets and pastoral transhumance spaces. We therefore, study space and networks in intertribal border markets as factories of conflict and infrastructure for peace. How is conflict produced in intergroup interaction or within those networks in space and time? How does space between individuals, groups or states influence prevalence of conflict? How does distance and social geometry influence conflict formation? How are conflict vibes and triggers distributed in space and time? How does individuals, groups or state’s spatial representation affect conflict evolution, resolution and transformation? Our approach is conflictological- progressing from states to the underlying interaction between individuals and within groups in space and time.


Transhumance Pastoralism Conflict Study

One of the most basic characteristics of conflict is its ability to change as the macro-environment changes. In my lab, we are interested to decipher the structural and systemic mechanisms responsible for long term changes in pastoral transhumance. These changes can give us insight on the capacity of pastoral communities to change, adapt or maladapt [...]

Intertribal Border Market Study

The intertribal border markets- to mean both tangible and intangible expression to principles of social structure binding communities to a holistic system through human relations in time and space. We consider a ‘market’ to represent both spatial space and a set of norms, institutions and value system upon which individuals, groups or states transact conflict […]