Riara University’s School of International Relations and Diplomacy Holds First Diplomatic Clinic

Riara University’s School of International Relations and Diplomacy Holds First Diplomatic Clinic

“In the contemporary diplomatic practice, the role of ‘Personality’ in shaping diplomatic practice and
foreign policy praxis remains mundane. On 21st September 2023, we were honoured to have the Amb Dr.) Amina Mohamed, Former Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Kenya as the chief guest, along with an esteemed lineup of distinguished guests and diplomats, who embody the profound impact of the three 3Ps – personality, portrait, and presentation. These elements, in the longer term, hold the potential to be hugely consequential to individual career development and interstate relations.
The Diplomatic luminaries in attendance were:

  1. H.E Kamal Gubara, Ambassador of Sudan to Kenya
  2. Dr. Fatma A. Abdallah, Ministry of Foreign & Diaspora Affairs
  3. Dr. Danica Fleuss, Dublin City University, Centre for Future Media, Democracy, and Society
  4. Prof. Costa Georghiou, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  5. Singo Mwachofi, University of Nairobi
  6. Amb. Prof. David Kikaya
  7. Amb. Paul Kurgat
  8. Amb. Zachary Muita
  9. Amb. (Rtd) Anita Nyikuli
  10. Mr. Jorg Schafer

The Diplomatic Clinic and Mentorship program, our flagship initiative at the RU School of
International Relations and Diplomacy, is designed to foster professional ethos and practice among
students and graduates. It accomplishes this by providing unique networking opportunities with
seasoned diplomats and experts in the field of international relations and diplomacy. Today’s
gathering exemplifies the commitment of Riara University to empower the diplomats of tomorrow
with the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to make a lasting impact in the world of


  1. Enhancing Diplomatic Skills: The clinic sought to enhance students’ diplomatic skills, including diplomatic etiquette, events protocol, image building, social interaction, and stage protocols. More than 25 diplomats, including retired ambassadors and senior Foreign Service officers, actively participated in mentoring students on these aspects.
  2. Networking and Relationship Building: The event emphasized the importance of networking and relationship building in diplomatic practice. It aimed to connect students with experts in various sub-fields of diplomacy and Foreign Service to expand their professional networks.
  3. Career Development: The Diplomatic Clinic aimed to provide students with insights into career development in international relations and diplomacy. It encouraged students to seek mentorship from experienced diplomats, fostering lifelong links for mentorship, career development, internships, and job placements.

Notable Outcomes:

  1. Diplomatic Mentorship: The event facilitated mentorship opportunities for students, with retired diplomats expressing their willingness to support students’ career growth.
  2. Establishment of a Community of Practice: A Community of Practice was formed, enabling ongoing connections between students and diplomats for mentorship and career development.
  3. Real-Life Peace-making Processes: Students gained insights into real-life peace-making processes and diplomatic missions in Nairobi, enhancing their practical understanding of international relations and diplomacy.
  4. Personal Image Transformation: Students were encouraged to focus on personal image and the right attitude as key attributes for diplomats. They received guidance on maintaining a positive personal image from experienced diplomats.
  5. Knowledge Transfer: More than 50 students participated in thematic booths covering various aspects of diplomacy, including personal image building, self-introduction, diplomatic liaison, and military events, AI in diplomacy, opportunities with the UN, professional associations, climate change simulation, NGOs, and negotiations.
  6. Mr/Miss RU Diplomat: The Diplomatic Clinic initiated the search for the Mr/Miss RU Diplomat among students, fostering a long-term relationship between Riara University and strategic partners worldwide.

“As you embark on your academic journey, consider these parting shots. Did you know that at Riara University’s School of International Relations and Diplomacy (IRD), we believe in nurturing your diplomatic negotiation skills right from the early stages of your career? Our Diplomatic Clinic, held annually on the International Day of Peace (IDP) every September 21st, provides you with the perfect platform to develop these invaluable capabilities.
Furthermore, research shows that a significant 85% of your career is influenced by your personality traits. At RU’s School of IRD, we offer students a unique opportunity to explore and experience this career trajectory by facilitating networking forums with seasoned diplomats and other industry professionals.
Join us at Riara University’s School of IRD, where we not only provide quality education but also shape future leaders in the field of diplomacy. Your journey to a successful and impactful career begins here.”